Team Registration

Team Registration

Welcome to the Lighten Up Nashua Challenge!

The Lighten Up Nashua Challenge is free and open to everyone the community.

Register Now!

You will need the following information to register your team (teams of 4 only): Names, email addresses, team name and phone numbers of all four participating team members to fill out the submission form below.

Once all your information is submitted on the registration form, your email address will become your Lighten Up Nashua Unique ID that you will use each time you submit your weight and/or activity minutes to be eligible to win prizes.

NOTE: Once your team registration information is entered below, each of your team mates will receive an email to complete their registration. If you or any of your team members do not receive the email registration survey, please go to the Lighten Up Nashua homepage Progress Tracker and enter in your weight or fitness minutes. This will prompt you to complete the registration survey.

Congratulations on taking steps to a slimmer, healthier you and making our community one of the healthiest places in America!

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  • Saint Joseph Hospital Nashua Employees Must Enter Business/Organization Name as St. Joseph Hospital Nashua.

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